It's not easy to be in charge of a hosting company. It's a fast changing and greatly competitive market. We know that because we have already been there.

Years ago, we were partners in a hosting company and faced all the difficulties of trying to understand the performance of our own company in face of competition. That's how we had the idea of creating Hostmapper. At the beginning of 2005, when we were no longer part of the company, we decided to improve the Hostmapper tool and offer it to the market.

Throughout these years, we've had the valuable collaboration of our clients in order to improve the Hostmapper report, taking it to today's level: a valuable market analysis and planning tool to companies that aspire to be competitive in the hosting market.

Being in this position has made us work harder to assure our clients have the best information available to manage and plan the future of their companies. You just won't find anything better!
"When you are a market leader is essential to be well aware about the latest business trends and the developments in your country´s webhosting market. Hostmapper reliability and quality of information brings relevance to our analysis and help us to develop our business strategies. That´s the reason why Locaweb uses and trusts Hostmapper reports."
Claudio Gora
Locaweb Marketing & Comercial VP
Subscriber since 2005
"In a dynamic and innovative market obtain information accurately and reliably is fundamental to decision making. Hostmapper reports bring to us a secure source to monitoring our country´s Internet industry."
Cristian Gallegos
Tecla General Manager
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