Information about domains transfers is very important for my work. How do you know when there is a customer portfolio transfer?
Is this information offered by the companies themselves?
My company uses several DNS servers, some of them with domains different of ours. However, in the Hostmapper report, our information about domains numbers is really close to the reality. How is that possible?
About new domains (the ones that have just been registered), what's the average time until they're detected by the spiders and added to the sample?
In my country top 50 webhosting companies ranking there are some foreign companies. Why?
I own a reseller company, the domains we host use another company's DNS servers. Will Hostmapper be able to identify my company?
My company provides plans for resale and we have thousands of domains hosted this way. For the sake of transparency to our customers, we keep our data in anonymity. I don't see how you will be able to identify that those servers are ours. I imagine that's the reason we aren't among the 50 top hosting companies. I'd like to send you a list of our web servers so that you can add our numbers to the report. Is it possible?
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