The Hostmapper reports are produced using statistical analysis on a very large sample size of domains registered in each one of the countries where the reports are released. Our best efforts are dedicated to assure that we are offering to our customers the best and up-to-date information available, for that reason, every data used is harvested only few days after the report release date.

The used samples represent from 50% to 90% (depending on the country) of all the registered domains in each one of the countries. The samples are kept up to date using "spiders"- software that permanently goes trough the entire Internet seeking for new domains - developed specially to perform that task. This system assures the samples will always be updated with new domains.

The system identifies the company responsible for each domain using DNS and HTTP analysis. This verification is done periodically allowing us to detect changes in the company responsible for the domain or even if the domain is no longer available.

It's common to have multiple domains names pointing to one site. It's also normal to find domains that have just been reserved. The system indentify both situations by visiting each and every domain of the sample. And for that reason, the system can estimate how many sites are effectively being hosted by each one of the hosting companies.

We classify as "hosting company" every company responsible for hosting more than 100 sites.
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