The Hostmapper report is a bimonthly publication (6 issues per year), sold through subscriptions. In each issue, you will find:

Sector numbers
Several sector indices are presented, including the number of companies operating in the country, number of companies x sites number distribution, domains registrations growth, etc.
Top 50 Rank
It's the top 50 ranking of webhosting companies operating in the country. For each one of the companies is informed:
Rank Company Total Domains Own Resell Total Sites Market Share Jan to Feb´10 Balance 12 months Balance
Total Domains % Total Domains %
15 +2 Acme 30,083 20,083 10,000 28,903 0.41% 2,356 8.4 11,504 60.2
16 -3 123Host 28,828 23,328 5,500 25,632 0.37% 529 1.9 4,177 16.9
The most popular webservers (as much as each one of it's versions) used by the webhosting companies operating in the country are presented here. To assure the relevance of the sample only country's IPs are taken into account.
Top 25 companies analysis
A profile of each one of the 25 top companies is presented, including:

Registration data and server hosting places;
Ranking evolution charts and customer portfolio history;
Market-share evolution chart;
Customer satisfaction indicators using 'Churn Rate' & 'Moved Rate' indices;
Direct competitors, listing the companies to which they've lost customers/from which they've gained customers.

Entry-level plans
The entry-level plans characteristics of the 25 top companies, including cost analysis for transferred GB and in disk MB, are presented. Other features are: alterations in the value charged by the companies, historical charts for trends monitoring and market averages calculation.
Top 25 companies analysis
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